The Brownstone has a rich architectural history being originally designed by Kansas State Architecture students in 1927 as a dairy barn. The venue, which sits on five acres of land, has lived through the Topeka flood of 1951 and reinvented itself multiple times through family homes, small businesses and a bed and breakfast.

The barn was purchased in early 2016 by the Brown Family, of Topeka, with the goal to create a place of celebration for the community to enjoy. 

Extensive renovation of the barn began in summer of 2016 with a grand opening in June 2017. The space proves 2,400 square feet of open area for receptions, weddings, and corporate events, as well as the original salt-glazed block silo which will feature a circular wine cellar and bar. The first floor will include advanced technology and meeting space for corporate events, retreats and much more.

Fusing the perfect touches of rustic elegance with the conveniences of modern accommodations, The Brownstone is a premier, one-of-a-kind wedding and event venue in Topeka, Kansas.

Heart & History: Timeless Beauty

We believe that every couple deserves a wow-worthy wedding for less money and stress than they ever thought possible.

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