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April 21, 2017

How to plan an adventurous honeymoon on a budget

A honeymoon is a thrilling time for a couple, but it can also mean scrambling and budgeting in order to ensure the best deals possible to save money. Planning a honeymoon doesn’t have to be stressful, and it is possible to plan a budget-friendly honeymoon while also planning a wedding. Here we have included some helpful tips for planning a fun, adventurous honeymoon without breaking the bank.

Plan a honeymoon during the off-season: The most popular vacation time is between the months of January-April due to the cold weather and spring break trips. If possible, book your honeymoon outside of this time and it will surely save you money on airfare and hotel rooms.

Book early or last minute: The best time to book a honeymoon package for a resort or a cruise is early on when there are plenty of options available, and also shortly before departure when there are last-minute deals available.

Open up a credit card with high rewards: Consider opening up a credit card to earn rewards you can use towards airfare, or receive points for traveling. It would also be beneficial to use a credit card for wedding expenses and apply the rewards towards your honeymoon afterward. Here is a list of ideal credit cards for honeymoon expenses: http://thehoneymoonguy.com/best-travel-credit-cards/

Use a travel agent: Travel agents are great resources for those looking to book a budget-friendly trip. They know the ins and outs of traveling and will be able to snag you a better deal than you would likely be able to alone.

Start a honeymoon fund: Set out a bowl at your wedding reception for honeymoon donations, and your guests will enjoy feeling included in your post-nuptial plans. Or, opt to receive honeymoon donations in lieu of wedding gifts and you may find that this helps to cover many of your honeymoon expenses.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Negotiate with hotel employees or airline workers about comparable rates from their competitors, and they may just offer up an upgrade or discounted price. After all, you have nothing to lose and quite possibly some awesome deals to gain.

For more in-depth money saving tips for your honeymoon, visit: https://www.theknot.com/content/ways-to-honeymoon-on-a-budget.


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