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May 22, 2019

Party like it’s 1996!

As we walked in to the Complete Weddings + Events headquarters in Omaha we were met with Ring Pops, cassette tapes and the “real” Zack Morris complete with blonde wig and brick phone. The 90s throwback party set the mood for the 2019 Summit which invited comradery between fellow industry experts along with a lot of fun. The Brownstone team was extended the invite through the Kansas arm of Complete Weddings who have been to the venue multiple times and provided DJ, photography, videography and photobooth services. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about their business as well as learn some tips and tricks from industry legends.

The conference kicked off bright and early with a full blown DJ who got the crowd pumped up (along with an extra large coffee). Throughout the day we were entertained by many talented speakers and even a dance off. A few of our favorite sessions included learning about “No Fail” teams through the experiences of Navy Seal, Scott Moore and stories from the battle field. We also learned tips and tricks from Alan Berg focusing on the best ways to connect and sell to potential clients. The most impactful session included closing all doors, uncorking the wine and having some real and meaningful conversations about the industry. We hit on some  deep topics such as disaster plans, burnout and the dreaded vendor “ego”.

Our coordinators thoroughly enjoyed our time together. We want to thank Complete Weddings Kansas again for the invite and have already marked the calendar for next year!

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