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July 16, 2020

5 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones

Hi Friends,

At The Brownstone we get to celebrate Milestones in one’s life. You know those magical moments that little girls dreamed about.

Getting dressed up in a beautiful dress and having her dad walk her down the aisle to give her away to her handsome groom.

Yes, we get to celebrate those magical moments. 

In life we can be faced with losing loved ones that pull on our heart strings. We are reminded on those magical days that those that are not physically present but present in spirit walk along with you onto your next journey of life. 


We have prepared 5 creative ways that you can honor your lost loved ones on your big day! 


  1. Keep Them Close

You can pin a picture of your loved one to your boutonnière so that they are close to your heart on your big day.


    2. Save them a Seat

I like this tribute of placing your loved ones boots on a chair to honor their place at the ceremony. You could always place a picture on a chair to show presence.


    3. Sew Fabric on Dress

If you have a favorite flannel that has been passed down that Grandpa used to always wear, you can take fabric from their clothing and have it sewed into the inside of your wedding dress. 


4. Memorial Photos

You can have memorial pictures printed to fit into mini frames to have tied to your bouquet so they are present with you all day.


    5. Until We Meet Again

Have a corner of your ceremony or reception designated to a memorial with photos and a quote or candle lit to honor them.


I hope you have found an idea that is meaningful to you for your big day.


Best Regards,

Jennifer Bowser

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