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July 16, 2020

Tips & Tricks on Writing Your Own Vow’s

Hi Friends,

This week we are giving tips and tricks to help write your own vows for your big day.

1. Speak with your fiance. We encourage you to discuss what kind of vows you want to share, whether you want them to be modern or traditional, serious or funny, long or short and sweet.⁠

2. Take notes on your thoughts. They don’t have to include full sentences, making a bulleted list of points you want to hit is a great starting point.

3. One helpful way to write your own vows is deciding on what promises you want to make to your partner. Does that include a more serious note of standing beside them through sickness in health or are you wanting to portray a lighter version of I promise to watch Sunday Night football with you forever and ever. ⁠

4.  We encourage you to write a special memory during your vows. Whether that be something you noticed the first time you met them or if they helped you through one of the most difficult times in life. This is one way to make your story more personal.⁠

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5.  Another tip on how to write your vows is considering the type of person you see yourself as a spouse as well as what you see that you can accomplish as a couple. ⁠

6. Determine what your final promise is. Typically the last line of vows is “as long as we both shall live” or “till death do us part.” Discover if you want to end on a more traditional note or add your own spin. ⁠

Now it’s time to get writing! ⁠

Here is a basic outline to follow:⁠

State who your future spouse is to you⁠
Tell them what you love about them⁠
Share a story that illustrates a favorite memory or special time together
Make your promises
Mention the good times and the bad, sickness and health, etc.⁠
Look toward the future⁠
Conclude with a final promise⁠

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The last helpful part in completing your vows is to review your draft, write out a new complete clean version to use on your big day and practice reading your vows aloud to feel more comfortable speaking publicly. ⁠

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I hope you have enjoyed our helpful tips and tricks on writing your own vows.


Best Regards,

Jennifer Bowser


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