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July 26, 2020

5 Ways to Save Money on Weddings

Hi Friends,

It’s finally that time, that day you have been dreaming about. You ask your fiance should we have an ice cream bar, photobooth, DJ, oh ya you can’t forget about the drinks to plan for?

Weddings can tend to add up quickly so we have came up with 5 ways to save money for your big day!


Alcohol Packages


Alcohol is a staple at most weddings nowadays. Who doesn’t like a little bit of liquid encouragement to bust some moves to copperhead road on the dance floor? 


One way to save money on alcohol packages is consider your guest list. 


Do you seem to have a lot of adults and friends or do you happen to notice a lot of children coming. It is always great to consider the amount of alcohol consumption you would like to provide for your guest while still falling within your budget. 


Most venues offer different packages such as beer and wine, house and premium liquor. 

When considering doing a per person price versus an open bar remember that venues typically average out their alcohol packages so a lot of times the per person rate can become a lot cheaper than the tab that you could end up with at the end of the night. 








Wedding Cake


Ask yourself how important cake is? The wedding industry has noticed the trends changing to sweets tables with doughnut bars, cookies, pies and so much more. 


If you are a couple that loves tradition then consider a small decorative cut cake and then you can take a more affordable approach if sweets aren’t the top priority of your big day. 


Wedding Favors


Wedding favors are very standard in today’s industry, it’s an opportunity for the bride and groom to get creative with giving a small favor out to their guests. Truly consider your budget when it comes to this, decide how important this is to you as well as finding something practical to give so you don’t wind up with a bunch left over. 


An idea is creating a bag of Hersey’s hugs and kisses chocolates on your own. Grab some clear bags and ribbon and you can create printable cards that say hugs and kisses from the bride and groom.


If charity is close to your heart then consider having a small sign that says in lieu of wedding favors the bride and groom have made a donation to their favorite charity. Example Cancer Society



If food is not in your top 3 most important items of your wedding planning then consider shopping around when it comes to caterer’s. 


It is important to consider if you are wanting a buffet style or plated food. Also consider the type of food, having pasta or bbq can tend to go along ways with guests counts. 




So much thought goes into picking a venue. Does it fit your style or budget? Are you required to use specific caterers? Are tables and chairs included or is that an additional cost? We recommend having a clear vision of what your expectations are and shop around to make sure you are choosing a budget friendly option for your big day. 

Photo: Jennifer Kay Photography

We hope some of these tactical tips will help you save money for your day!

Best Regards,

Jennifer Bowser




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