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August 2, 2020

What to ask your Wedding Photographer

Hi Friends,

We know that finding the right photographer to capture your day can be difficult. These photos will last a life time and you want to make sure you find the perfect fit for your day.

This week we are discussing questions to ask a potential wedding photographer before you hire them. ⁠

1. How would you describe your wedding style?⁠

Many photographers have an artistic preference on how they like to shoot. Whether there focus is hitting each element of the day with specific poses or a more candid approach. ⁠

We recommend you look through their portfolio to ensure the style fits your taste. ⁠

Photo: Molly Harmon Photography

Our second suggested questions is how will they deliver the edited photographs to you?⁠

Will they be in an online gallery or mailed in a USB? ⁠

Will you receive the digital negatives or do they offer print sales? If you do get the digital’s will you be able to make prints yourself? ⁠

Photo: Nicolettesessinphotography

Our 3rd tip is to read reviews!⁠

Pay attention to reviews that talk about how the photographer made that client feel. ⁠

Photo: Rose Wheat Photography

Our 4th tip is know your budget.⁠

Wedding photography prices vary, which is why it’s good to have a ballpark budget upfront.⁠

If your budget is strict at $2500 and you inquire with a $3000 photographer. If photos are a big priority to you and you love a specific photographer, it’s okay to stretch your budget or save in other areas!⁠

Photo: Ken Doll

Our last question is what do you need?⁠

Do you need all day coverage? Or are you having a small wedding and just need a couple of hours? ⁠

Do you want an engagement session? An album? ⁠

Wedding day packages can vary, so double check on what your expectations are from your special day.⁠

Photo: Entyseandbrijorae


We hope that these questions will help you narrow down a photographer for your big day!


Best Regards,

Jennifer Bowser
Assistant Manager


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