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February 10, 2021

Alcohol Packages

Hey Friends,

We offer four different alcohol packages ranging from Premium Packages to Cash Bar to fit all budgets. The per person price includes unlimited alcohol for a 5 hour service for everyone over the age of 21 for the package of your choice (Beer/Wine/Soda, 2 Signature Cocktails/Beer/Wine/Soda or Premium Alcohol.) The per person packages are counted for ages 3 and up.

View our current alcohol packages.

All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through The Brownstone. A 10% gratuity is added to all beverage costs and are in addition to the facility fee. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premise or into the facility by outside caterers, family or friends. If outside alcohol is found on the premise or within the bride/groom lounges a $500 fine will be assessed. Beer is served in cans. Wine & Spirits are served in plasticware.

In accordance with state liquor laws, all alcohol without exception must be purchased through The Brownstone. Under no circumstance may alcohol be brought onto the premises by clients, their guests or independent contractors. Any violation of this policy will result in violator being asked to leave the premise. The Brownstone bartenders and managers reserve the right to card any guest they feel may be underage. Your event coordinator reserves the right to discontinue alcohol service to any guest who appears to be inebriated, and also reserves the right to close down the bar, without refund, if they feel like it is out of control. It is our desire that your guests have a good time, but the safety of the guests and staff is paramount. The Brownstone shall not be liable for any acts of Client or Client’s guests or invitees.  It shall be the sole obligation and responsibility of Client to ensure that all guests and invitees are behaving in an acceptable and responsible manner. The cost of cleaning for red wine will be charged to the credit card on file.

The alcohol pricing includes a 5-hour service. A secondary bar may be set up outside for cocktail hour. Per health code laws, any outdoor bar is allowed to only serve beer and wine. There is an additional cost for a secondary bar and bartender.

All alcohol beverages must be consumed within The Brownstone’s event areas.  There may be no alcoholic beverages consumed in the parking lot.

Check our video on the silo bar.

Please let contact us with any questions at 785-235-0057 or email us at events@thebrownstonetopeka.com


Jennifer Hoffman
Assistant Manager

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