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February 10, 2021

All about The Brownstone Catering Kitchen

Hey Friends,

Today we want to share more information on what is included in our catering kitchen.

The Brownstone, LLC provides a catering kitchen included in the Event rental fee.

The kitchen includes:

●        Warming Oven

●        3 Compartment Sink

●        Freezer

●        Refrigerator

●        Ice Machine

●        Microwave Oven

●        Hot Plate

No cooking shall be conducted in the kitchen, all food must be prepared prior to arriving at The Brownstone. Client must provide copy of caterer’s license and proof of commercial general liability insurance coverage and applicable workers compensation insurance to The Brownstone, LLC at least thirty (30) days prior to the Event. 

If the client is brining in their own food, they are required to provide the staff needed to set out, replenish, serve and bus the food from the food station. They are also required to provide the staff to set out, cut, plate and replenish their cake/dessert.

The Brownstone does not provide servers, bussing service, linens, dining ware or cooking accessories. 

All catering plans will be reviewed during the meeting with the event coordinator. This will include a copy of the caterer’s food license, delivery, setup and load out schedule and cleanup time. The caterer is not allowed to set up earlier than the 6 hours prior to the event.  The Brownstone is not responsible for any acts or failures to act by the Client or Client’s caterer, including but not limited to food allergy or sickness.

No food preparation is allowed on the patio.

The Caterer/Client are responsible for removal of all food and debris in the catering area. No food or liquid of any kind is to be disposed of in The Brownstone restrooms or outside the building. All garbage must be contained in plastic bags provided by The Brownstone. The Brownstone staff will dispose of all trash bags during the event. The client is responsible for cleaning the kitchen prior to departure. The Brownstone will provide the cleaning supplies necessary to be completed the end of event checklist. In the event that the Client fails to follow or perform the end of Event cleaning checklist, cleaning charges will assessed and The Brownstone is authorized to charge such expenses to the credit card on file.

Check out our Video of the Catering Kitchen at The Brownstone.

Please contact us with any questions at 785-235-0057 or email us at events@thebrownstonetopeka.com


Jennifer Hoffman
Assistant Manager

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