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February 10, 2021

Vendor Reminder’s

Hey Friends,

We have been blessed with an amazing local wedding community. We all have the same goal in mind which is to serve our clients.

I have put together a list of helpful reminder’s when communicating with your vendors.

Vendors such as caterers, florists, musicians, DJs, photo booth companies, photographers and videographers should perform their services pursuant to your agreement with them. They must bring their own tables, linens, extension cords, power strips etc., unless it is your agreement with them for you to provide these items. 

If clients choose not to hire professional vendors for their event, they are required to provide names of the assigned friend/family who will be performing the duties. The Brownstone staff is not able to supplement for other vendors.

Let’s talk logistics.

It is necessary for each vendor to provide The Brownstone with proof of commercial general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, if applicable, which you intend to use at your Event. 

Each Vendor shall be required to provide the Brownstone an additional insured named certificate naming the Brownstone as an additional insured at least thirty (30) days prior to your Event.  Vendors must use padding when moving their equipment in and out of the venue. Any damages caused by any of your vendors shall become the responsibility of the Client.

It is the Client’s responsibility to notify all independent vendors of these policies. 

The Brownstone reserves the right to cancel your event for failure to provide proof of insurance as required herein.

If your Vendors have any questions, please have them call our office at (785) 235-0057.

Check out our Preferred Vendor List: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H2BICrxa54PT8VxdX8DDs-HnNJ3mmBzA/view?usp=sharing


Jennifer Hoffman
Assistant Manager

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