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May 25, 2021

A New Adventure with Wyatt & Quinn Co.

We believe in supporting other amazing wedding vendors in our community, so I decided to catch up with our girl Taylor owner of Wyatt & Quinn Co. to hear all the details on her new adventure.

Taylor is a wife to be, momma of 2 rad kiddos, photographer and just started a new adventure called Wyatt & Quinn Clay Co. I got the opportunity to chat with Taylor and find out more info on her journey.

What sparked your interest in photography and how long have you been in business?
“I was a super young momma, after my son was born my interest in photography really ignited. I took pictures of him all the time, I was obsessed with his cuteness! Slowly that first year I started shooting my friends and siblings with their spouses and kiddos and it slowly just grew from there! I started my little business 9 years ago, not knowing it would take off the way it did, which makes this journey especially humbling.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your kids and how they inspired you to work hard?
” I truly believe we all have “our” reason in which we start our own small business, but here is my reason.. Wyatt & Quinn. The names of both of my small businesses, the foundation of my whole world. I want my children to grow up watching me, and knowing they are capable of doing anything and everything if they put in the hard work. I seriously have the greatest support system now, my spouse Jarrod, my parents, my family and friends, every person I have met along the way in this business has truly shaped me into the person I am today.”

What is your favorite thing to photograph, weddings, families, etc.? 
“My favorite thing to shoot is emotion and love. So many photographers have their “specialty” but one of my favorite parts to this journey is growth among families. I have clients I met for their engagement session, shot their wedding, then moved on to maternity, newborns, and sprinkles of family sessions through the years, and I am so blessed when they continue to choose me to watch their love grow and families grow.”

How would you describe your photography style?
“I feel my photography style is a mixture of light and moody tones. I love bold light, dark shadows, buttery golden sun and moody contrast.”

What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding day? 
“My favorite part of a wedding day is the emotion, those first looks with the bride’s dad, the groom and all those special people in between really tug at my heartstrings. I genuinely love watching the emotions unravel during the day.”

What does your next adventure look like?
“So a little back story, I have worked full time in corporate America since forever, it has always been one of my main goals to do photography full time. Fast forward to 2020 and the year of the pandemic, I started another little side business, Wyatt & Quinn Clay Co. working with clay really started as a stress reliever, working with my hands and being able to create beautiful earrings was seriously so much fun! Then came 2021, my wonderful and super supportive fiancé Jarrod asked me if I was ready to take the step and do what I love, creating and photography full time. I honestly was a little shocked he said this, but he really is my biggest cheerleader, I think he sees more potential in me then I even do. So we decided come June of 2021 I would leave my full time career and do what I love full time. I am so incredibly blessed to have his love, support and guidance through this journey, and I am so ready to take this leap of faith.”

Thanks for reading along Taylor’s awesome journey! If you would love to get a hold of her for photography or jewelry needs feel free to follow her or contact her via social media.

Website: https://wyattandquinn.com/contact
Phone: 913-558-0365
Email: wyattandquinnphoto@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wyattandquinnphotoco
Instagram: Photography https://www.instagram.com/wyattandquinnphoto/
Wyatt & Quinn Clay Co. https://www.instagram.com/wyattandquinnclayco/


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